stoneware pottery handthrown in County Wicklow

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  • Small Bowl

    The small bowl is perfect for a big serving of porrigde and it won't spill over in the microwave. Also good for eating pasta or stew in your lap while watching a movie.

  • Small Tea Pot

    A good pouring teapot that will hold two generous mugs of tea. Strong handle which makes it easy to hold and use.

  • Sugar Pot

    This lidded sugar pot can also be used as a jam, honey or chutney pot.There is a hole in the lid for a spoon or honey stick.The lid will keep unwanted bodies away from the contents.

  • Nesting Bowls

    This is a set of small, medium and large bowls that easily stack into each other. They are perfect for serving vegtables or desserts as they are oven proof. You can also use them for mixing ingredients,salads or a large serving of porridge.

    €100 for set
  • Litre Jug

    This jug will hold more than a litre and will hold any form of liquid from water, milk or wine you would like to decant. It can aslo be used as a vase. A multi functional jug.

  • Large Bowl

    This large bowl is perfect for summer salads or the family fruit bowl. it can also be put in the oven for a large serving of vegtables or pasta.

  • Coffee Pot

    This elegant coffee pot is ideal to serve after dinner coffee to your guests. Its generous handle makes it easy to pour with no drips. It will hold 6 cups of coffee.



  • Cereal/Desert Bowl

    This bowl is good for morning cereal, delicious desserts or hearty soups. You can also put it in the oven to keep food warm or bake a dish.

  • Pint Jug

    The pint jug is a good fit for most frigdes and holds enough milk for the morning breakfast. This size jug is also very good for heating up baby bottles in and can also hold afew flowers as a vase. A multi functional jug.



  • Cup & Saucer

    These cups are more elegant and much finer to drink from. They will keep your tea or coffee hotter for longer because they are thrown quite finely. Perfect for afternoon tea or a coffee morning with the girls.

  • Small Jug

    The wide base keeps this jug steady on the table. It will hold enough milk or cream for morning coffee or afternoon tea. It can also be used for gravy or sauces. It is also oven proof to keep sauces warm or if you want to heat milk.


  • Dip Bowls

    These double dip bowls are very versatile. They can be used for chutney's with your cheese board, dips for chips or vegtables, cream and jam for afternoon tea or brown and white sugar. You can put whatever you like in them.

  • Large Tea Pot

    A traditional style teapot for any kitchen table.This teapot will hold 4 generous mugs of tea. The spout angle prevents after dripping and is an excellent pourer. The wide handle makes it comfortable to hold while pouring. 



  • Medium Bowl

    This is a good size bowl for serving vegtables or a rich chocolate mouse. It is also a good size for a serving of pasta or stew to eat in your lap.

  • Mug

    The shape of this mug and the fineness of it will keep your beverage hotter for longer. When you use this mug you will not want to use any other. It has a large handle to fit all hands. If this mug is too big or small I can make a mug especially for your requirments. 


  • Ramekins

    A ramakin has many uses for jam, butter, cream or whatever you don't want to serve from a jar. They can also be put in the oven so ideal for a warm starter dish.

  • Carafe

    Decant your wine into this elegant carafe or just use it to hold water on the table everyday. The narrow neck makes it easy to hold and pours well. With its wide base it is sturdy on the table. You could also use it as a vase. A multi functional carafe.




made in wicklow

Hilary Jenkinson is the potter behind Crannmor and is based near Glenmalure in County Wicklow. Visitors welcome to the workshop.

unique gifts

My pottery makes an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries or special occasions. I can help with gift vouchers if required.

Made to measure

If you'd like something different I also offer to make bespoke pottery. Get in touch, I'd love to hear your ideas.

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