About Me

Crannmor Pottery is the work of Hilary Jenkinson and she has been creating pots for over 30 years. My love for clay began in Thomastown Co. Kilkenny during the Grennan Mill Craft Coarse. I continued onto the Crawford College of Art and Design and completed my diploma in Ceramic design. I returned to Thomastown and finished the Pottery Skills Coarse with a distinction and best pupil in 1992.

I worked for a couple of potters in Co. Galway and in 1995 I opened my own workshop in Ballinrobe Co. Mayo.

Throwing pots on the wheel has always been my preferred technique because of its instancy. You begin with a lump of clay and a few minutes later you lift a pot off the wheel. My main ceramic inspirers are Hans Coper  and Walter Keeler. I love how strong their pots are through simple uncomplicated form and minimal decoration. I have always preferred straight lines rather than the more traditional bellied pots and my shapes were originally based on old pewter tankards and tin pots. Clay is such a fluid material to work with and I throw quite finely so I feel my liner forms give a solid strength to my pots.

The Celtic Spiral was my first simple decoration on my work and I continue with it on my Cornflower range. I took it from the stone that is at the entrance to New Grange. It is such a powerful symbol that has been used over the ages and worldwide. For me it is never ending and continually moving and that’s what I want my pots to be a part of your everyday life and continue onto the next generation.