I use a stoneware clay that comes from Scarva Pottery Supplies in Co. Down. Stoneware is more durable that earthenware due to its higher firing temperature. This makes my work dishwasher and microwave safe.

All my work is hand thrown on an electric potters wheel. I extrude my handles and each pot is fired twice. The first firing is the biscuit firing to 1000 oC which makes the pot hard but it is still porous to allow the glaze to adhere. The pots are then dipped into buckets of glaze and then I hand paint the decoration onto each piece. They return to the kiln for the second firing which goes up to 1260 oC. Firings take approximately 10-12 hrs to reach temperature and the same again to cool down. So generally it would take about 2 weeks to make a pot from start to finish.